Investment Funds

The Capital Swiss Group,
supported by a professional investment team,
advises and manages
private equity funds programs
deployed in various stages,
regions and industry sectors,
dedicated especially to
niche private equity investment globally.


Our team operates numerous “in-house” private investment funds with focus on most business sectors and industries observing the required privacy related to each project.

Trusted Firm for Startup Business Project Financing


Building a business organization is difficult and getting the funding one need is tough no doubt. But, from the perspective of business, in the time one’s business satisfies a social or environmental need, his options for the purpose of funding are even scarcer. One of the things social entrepreneur say is the touch time they have finding people willing to fund them, but it is also true that there are a few companies which can fund for them, and Capital Swiss is one of them. It is one of the leading and most trusted investors providing support for funding in different areas like real estate, energy, agriculture, medical and more. Once a start up business enterprise has reached its growth stage, it is most essential requirement is undoubtedly the backing by dependable investors as well as an adequate amount of funding to scale up. Although the concept of starting up business enterprise has gained momentum nowadays, but the small number of investors like to show their reliability, trust as well as investment in new ventures that has been an issue for startups. Most of the startups find it hard to approach venture capitalists and also quite a few times the structure of investment of the investor is often inadequate for the purpose of the startup. It is seen that traditional investors see the social component of a business and also the return on investment. Whether there is a financial cost, be it short of long term of business social component. It is seen as a lousy investment choice. For the purpose of profit social enterprises are also excluded from the foundation as well as donation based funding sources. Capital Swiss is one of the leading venture capital firms help new business enterprises to manage the project finance or project finding at ease. Capital Swiss is one of the leading firms provides assistance to start up businesses which look for project finance for business growth. The firm is a well-known as a strategic investment group. It is keenly interested in projects and businesses based on new ideas and or technologies. Most of the new business enterprises face difficulties to raise fund from outsiders. Start up businesses looking for project funding can get in touch with Capital Swiss for assistance.

Capital Swiss is a private investment group that manages both venture and public equity portfolios. We prefer the strong partnerships. We invest a lot of time and energy in getting to know you, your business and your vision to change the world. If you have a fully realized business plan or just the technology and the vision, we would like to hear from you as it is never too early to start. We also invest in seed and early-stage companies that leverage technology to create large markets.

We help innovative businesses accelerate growth. We also provide seed funding. When you are ready to grow your business contact us. Capital Swiss invests in the people and technologies that are improving how we work, create and interact nationwide and internationally. We focus on early-in-revenue technology companies involved in cloud and mobile services. We have an exceptional group of entrepreneurs, operators and industry veterans. We would like to be your advisors and long-term partners as you build the next project.

We have extensive experience providing strategic solutions.
To help you achieve success,
you need a partner
who understands the market and industry dynamics
affecting your business.

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